Monday, January 16, 2012

Another year at prestige

Sammy reading
Sammy being a narrator for "The ugly duckling"

Sammy supposed to be watching "the Boy who cried wolf"
Sammy and Mrs.Anderson. I love this teacher.

So Sammy is my 3rd child with Mrs. Anderson. Had we been here when Kenzie was in 2nd grade she would have had all 4 of my kiddos. I absolutely love this lady.I love how she teaches and obviously cares for these kids. I love that she does the pledge of Allegiance every day with her class and teaches them songs as well. Good songs like this land is you land and 50 nifty and other good songs. I love that she lets me know whats going on with my kids.I love that starting with Nelson's class 4 years ago she has started to taking them to prestige every month and has the kids sing a song for the older people there and put on plays for them. She also has each of them bring a book and sit down and read to someone there as well. What a great thing for these kids to experience and it brings joys to the people at prestige as well.
I was super excited that with my work schedule I was able to go when they went on the 13th. I was feeling bad because I went to almost all of both Nelson and Cali's trips to prestige and haven't been to one of Sammy's yet. So I decided not go for a run and went and watched Sammy instead. And i am so glad I was able to go this month. He Was one of the narrators For the play "the ugly duckling". He Did so good. he read his part clearly and knew when he was supposed to come in . I am super proud of him. And so grateful that he is with a fabulous teacher this year.

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