Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Help me she is a teenager

Ok That is out of my system. I am now officially a mother of a teenager. Of Course I knew it was coming. I knew it was coming 13 yrs ago, but did those 13 yrs need to go by so dang fast. The child is just a few inches shorter then I am and I know that isn't saying much but still. Her hands and feet are bigger so it is only a matter of time before she is taller than me as well. (sniff, sniff).

Seriously I am very glad and thankful I get the great privilege to call her mine. She has been a huge blessing in my Life. Watching her grow up to this point has been wonderful. Getting to be her mother, teacher, gs leader and yw leader has allowed me to see her in all faucets of life. She is a wonderful daughter and sister.

And Boy oh boy is she happy to be a teenager. We had to celebrate her birthday early because tonight the Marysville young women are having their night of excellence. So we celebrated last night. We had chicken pot pie for dinner per her request and white cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream for dessert. And to make her even happier Ken and I got our avid reader a Kindle of her very own. For those who don't know a Kindle is an electronic reading device. It holds thousands of books on it. The version is smaller then mine and Kens but other then that is the same. We have loaded some books we think she would enjoy boy is she one very happy camper.

So Happy Birthday McKenzie Connie Colborn.

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Laura Keith said...

Happy birthday Kenzie! A Kindle of her own... jealous!!! I'm not far behind you :( You need a new family picture on the top of your blog!!! When are you taking pics again?!