Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Dissection of the "space alien"

Nelson holding The "alien"

Teacher cutting open the skin.
Nelson at the microscope.

So both Kenzie and Nelson are taking classes outside of home right now. Nelson is taking a class called mission to space. He is loving this class. Which i am thrilled about because he hates all other school stuff so I am glad he is enjoying some portion of learning. Maybe it is so fun it doesn't seem like a school class but I don't care he is enjoying it.
He comes home every week talking about this class. HE has had a spy and a game show hostess come. His teacher has done some sort of dry ice experiment. He is looking forward to the field trip they are going to be going on to the explorit museum of science. At this class his teacher brought in an"alien (squid) from mars" Wow was he excited he just thought was the greatest thing ever. He had no problems getting right in there and holding it and touching everything while others in his class were squeemish he was right there. He loved watching her cut the skin off and touching all the insides..

I am sad that a lot of the pictures are blurry but I will take what I can get.

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