Saturday, July 17, 2010

My bad mommy moment

Ok so the day of Eclipse my kiddos had been out playing in the pool in the back yard. SO not a big deal good summer activity right? Right when sunscreen is involved which unfortunately in this case it was not. I had some running around to do and when I got home the kids were in the pool. When they finally got out Nelson was extremely red. Still i thought no big deal he has been burned before put some aloe on him and he will be fine. Little did i know how wrong i was. The next morning Nelson work me up saying he had something on his shoulder. Ok he had a little blister again I wasn't overly concerned I have gotton burn blisters before and survived. He was running around and acting like they didn't bother him so i didn't think I needed to be concerned. I had some running around to do when I got home then i got concerned. the Blisters had doubled at least in size and he had a bunch of smaller ones surrounding the bigger ones. I took him to urgent care with him and Me in tears. The doctor told me it was second degree burns. Wow did I feel like the world's worst mother. I felt horrible and extremely guilty about this. I am usually very careful especially with mr. white boy Nelson when it comes to sunscreen and I am off my diligence for a day or two and this is what happens. I was absolutely distraught over this. The nurses could tell and they tried to comfort me as well. They told me he was going to be fine and it would be okay. They then put some cram on his shoulder and wrapped him up and told us to come back the next day. When we did go back while his shoulders were still very red and still had one big blister the little ones on both shoulders had reduced greatly and the doctor looked at the big blister that hadn't popped in the night and said since it was clear he wasn't concerned about infection. Boy was I ever relieved to hear that. He then told me that i could start changing the bandages at home so he prescribed the cream for me.
With in a few days he was doing so much better and well on his way to a full recovery. And both Nelson And i have learned our lesson about sunscreen.

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2KT Faupula girls said...

Awww! How sad! Glad Nelson is doing better! And don't worry, we all have our Bad Mommy moments!