Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good-bye Carr Family

Dave, Jenny, Eliza, and Hannah

Ok so the pool party was not the only reason called us together. It was one last hoorah with everyone before the Carr family moved to Colorado. Needless to when the afternoon was over there were not to many dry eyes.
Kenzie's best friend is leaving and while i didn't actually see her cry at least not that day. She did cry when she heard Dave got his orders. She locked herself in her room for a little bit. She doesn't like to cry in front of others.
While we are going to miss the Carr's i am happy for them. I know they have been wanting to back there for awhile. We will just have to keep in touch and I will have to find a way to send Kenzie out to visit at some point.

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OLIVIA said...

Wow...we knew this day would come. I'm sorry for your daughter, but yes, very happy for the Carrs.