Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring cleaning

McKenzie is not happy because she has to give up her High School Musical shirt. I keep telling her to stop growing but she won't listen to me. However Cali is excited because she gets the shirt.

UGH!!! I hate going through my kids clothes. While Cali is all for the fashion show none of the other three are. In fact they could really care less about trying on a ton of clothes. Unfortunately this is one of those neccesary evils especially when all four of my lovely children find it funny to go through growth spurts at the same time. Man it is hard enough keeping up with one or two but all 4 is crazy. So with the help of my mother we pulled out the kids clothes so i could figure what fits and what doesn't. This will help me figure out what everybody needs. Kenzie is sad to be losing her HSM t-shirt that she just got for Christmas and Cali is thrilled because she gets it. To get her to take it off I had to promise to get her another one or a shirt we saw that says "every girl needs a vampire". Yes She has decided to enjoy Twilight after all, But that is a different story.
I am so glad that process is done.

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2KT Faupula girls said...

Poor Kenzie! But yeah for another Twilight Addict!!!!