Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grumpy grandpa's mini farm

Okay so before I get started no I don't call my Father in-law grumpy grandpa he calls himself that and the title I took from his fridge for the list of chores that need to be done. My In-laws Live on a half acre of land and have made great use of that land. This mini farm includes a garden, several fruit trees and of course the animals. It includes 12 grown,egg-laying chickens, 2 pigs named sweet and sour, 3-4 ducks which also lay eggs, 4-5 beehives complete with lots of honey making bees and 8 new little chicks. The Chicks are so cute at they same time they are little strange looking because they have feathers on their feet. I have never seen this before this last weekend. It was very interesting.

Sammy Holding one of the chickens.
The Newest members of the mini farm 8 new chicks
They have Feathers on their feet.
I think this is "Sour", sweet is in the pen.

Chicken And ducks.

All My kids love going to their grandparents house, Sammy especially. He loves helping to gather the eggs as well as anything else he is able to do. This last weekend we decided that Sammy needs to be living on a farm. Being around all those animals was such a thrill for him.

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