Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A little summer fun

Girls Camp  June 11-15 2012
Can I just say I love these girls. I love being their yw leader. I was lucky enough to have the fabulous opportunity to go to camp for the 4th time with this wonderful group. Yes it has changed over the years but it is still a wonderfully fun group. Girls camp is such a wonderful time to get to know these girls on a more personal basis in a more relaxed setting. We had fun playing games, building a sculpture, discussing scriptures singing songs and just hanging out. I look forward to see what next year has in store. What a great way to start the summer!

Ap camp June 18-22 2012
Nelson got to go to Ap camp for the first time all week this year. He was so excited and from what I understand he had a blast. Nelson earned 3 merit badges while he was there. I am super proud of him. Now he just needs to finish the other three he has started so he can move up to the next rank. Again super proud of him.
Ken also had the opportunity to go to camp with Nelson. He went up as a councilor for the pinting merit badge. He also seemed to have fun as well.
They haven't given me any pictures so hopefully i can get some on here later. Another good start to the summer.

4th of July at grandma and grandpa's house

Goldsox game July 2012
The kids and Ken had the opportunity to go to a couple of our hometown baseball games Along with Ken's parents. I went to this one as well. The funny thing is in the seven years we have lived here that is the only game I have been to. I find it very funny that it took fred and Mary moving close by for us to get to the games. I have a feeling that this will soon become a family tradition. I honestly don't remember if we won or lost( that's the price for waiting to long) but i do Know that we had fun.

Enchanted evening Yuba/Gridley dance
July 2012

Ken And I chaperoned the dance in July. It is the first dance we have actually been to since McKenzie started to attend the church dances. I know the picture is blurry but still it is the only one I have and I just think it was sweet that Ken asked her to dance and that she wasn't embaressed to be dancing with her dad.

Bridgeport July 2012
I had an afternoon off work so we gathered the Keith family and the Knudsen's and went to Bridgeport for the afternoon. I loved it there and so did everyone else. Cali got stung by a bee up there and this lady who is into herbs and all that natural stuff said she had something that would relieve the sting. Unfortunately it did relieve the sting but it smelled really good and strong so it just attracted more bees. UGH! so I went put cali in the river and just had her soak in the water for awhile to get the smell off and the bees left her alone. It didn't take to long to have her playing once more with her best friend Macie once more however.  Other then that small tragedy it was a great afternoon.

It is so pretty up there I Love it.

Dillion Beach 
August 11, 2012

This was the last thing before school started. Shame on us Sammy had never been to the ocean. The last time we went i was huge and pregnant with Sammy so needless to say we were long over due for the trip. Everyone had a blast playing in the water(which was freezing) and on the sand. They had a ton of fun with the boogie boards. Everyone made a point of saying we "have "to come back again. And we have to come back more then once a year. I am pleases to say the kids walked away unscathed however both Ken and I ened up pretty red. We made sure to get sunscreen on the kiddos but didn't think about us. We were hurting for a few days.

Six Flags Marine World August 25, 2012

Ken's office did a family fun day and paid for everyone to go to Six Flags. The day started and ended a little chilly but still everyone had a blast.  Faux pas of this trip we didn't think about it being chilly and didn't bring sweatshirts for anyone. Oops. Despite that everyone had fun on the rides and watching the shows.

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