Tuesday, June 7, 2011

baseball season is done at last

Haha I just found this post sitting as a draft. I can't believe i forgot to get it posted. Well yes I can life has been crazy busy and fun since school got out and now here we are in September already, with school back in again. So needless to say I need to do some major catch up on my blog so here goes nothing.

Sammy and his trophy.
Cali and her trophy. Her team did something a little different then the other teams. Since they were the bees they got a little bee.
And Inside that little bee was an even littler bee. All the girls were given Necklaces. Which works well since all the girls are little girlie girls.
The Bees!

Nelson and His trophy.
Nelson and the Dodgers!

So baseball season is finally over. The kids all had fun at their end of year parties and getting their trophies. I had fun watching all the games and the kids had fun playing them. it has been really good for all of them to do this and I am happy that they have had this opportunity. It is amazing to watch all them grow and progress when they do things like this. I do hope that they will want to do it again next year.However I am exhausted. And am glad to say it is over for now. Now I get a break from it for awhile.
All their confidence levels came up a bit this year.Nelson went from being afraid of the ball to learning how to pitch. He never pitched in the games but he was learning. And He did make a couple of impressive moves while out on the field. Cali had a blast learning to play softball and I think she may want to learn how to pitch as well. I am constantly seeing her mimic the movements of pitchers. SO I guess I will see what comes next year when she is no longer on a farm league. Sammy had fun but i don't think he had quite as much fun as the other 2. So it will be interesting to see if he wants to do it again next year or not.

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