Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Fall

Yup this is as painful as it looks.
This morning I decided to make some great use of the sun shining and go do some running. I have really been enjoying do the running thing for a while now. I have been loving the weight it has been helping me get rid of and the energy it gives me but I especially love being outside so being stuck on the treadmill has been driving a little crazy. All though I have had some trouble with it honestly all in all I can't complain about it, that is until today.
So I got just under a mile and half in on a route that I have run before without difficulties when i found a rough part in the side walk ( stupid side walk). Boy did I go down hard.Knocked the wind out of me, scratched me up pretty good and i was fighting tears immediately. Needless to say My running was brought to an abrupt halt.
I happened to fall right in front of a little girl who was playing in her yard she in turn went and got her mother. The mother was so sweet she went and got a chair for me to sit on for a little bit and seeing the blood running down my leg she also got me some Kleenex and a band aid to but over the heavy bleeding section. After a few minutes when I got my breath back I thanked her , wished her A Merry Christmas and limped away. As I limped down the street a truckful of people noticed me limping and pulled over to ask if I was ok. I of course said I was but thanks for the concern. If Nothing else this let me know that there are some friendly people around my neighborhood.
Before I left I told Ken I was going to go for a run and he in turn said don't get hurt. SO of course I texted him that he jinxed me. HAHA. Well it'sa good thing I don't actually believe in that sort of thing. So I guess I am taking a small hiadus from running for a couple of days but then yes I will be right back at it again.


Earl Keith said...

they often go say "break a leg" before you go on stage...never heard it used in running.

tammy said...

I knew it!!! Exercise is bad for your health!!!!

Laura Keith said...

POOR FREYJA!!! That's just not fair! You were trying to do something good, and that sidewalk had to go and ruin your run! Good girl... put those running shoes back on soon and go go go!

JillandMauricio said...

That is no fun. I am sorry-I don't run outside here for now-too much ice-blah!! Good to see it didn't get you down.